Rulon® 641

Rulon® 641 – White in colour, it is produced from FDA compliant materials whilst possessing excellent load and wear characteristics.

The compatibility of Rulon® 641 with a wide range of mating surfaces, including Mild steel, 316 and 303 stainless steels as well as harder
materials, make it a good choice for many food and pharmaceutical bearing applications.

Rulon® 641 gives excellent continuous non-lubricated service up to 10,000 PV – higher for intermittent service. Whilst the load capacity of
Rulon® 641 is generally limited to 1000 psi at room temperature, deformation is a result of load, temperature and wall thickness.

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  1. Rulon 641 Technical Data
  2. Rulon 641 Material Safety Data Sheet
  3. Rulon 641 Chemical Sheet

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