Rulon 1439

Rulon® 1439

Rulon® 1439 – FDA compliant white material suitable for immersed service with improved wear characteristics over most other PTFE compounds. The
white colour makes Rulon® 1439 aesthetically beneficial for food and pharmaceutical applications.

The properties of Rulon® 1439 allow it to effectively be utilised as a bearing or sliding surface.

Resistant against many harsh chemicals found in the application environments where it is typically used. Rulon® 1439 is compatible with most
commercially available lubricants for an improved reduction in friction. If you require specific information regarding Rulon® 1439 and its
chemical resistance, please forward your technical requirements to

View the Rulon® brochure at the end of for additional information

  1. Rulon 1439 Technical Data
  2. Rulon 1439 Material Safety Data Sheet

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