Meldin® Materials

Meldin® Polyimide 7000 compounds – Grades 7001 – 7003 – 7021 – 7022 – 7211

Meldin® 7000

Aerospace Industry

  • Self-lubricating characteristics and excellent wear properties
  • Temperature range from cryogenic to 315°C (600°F)
  • Intermittent temperature range can go up to 482°C (900°F)
Meldin® 7000

Semiconductor Industry

  • Low outgassing properties
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion Low
  • High wear resistance
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • High dielectric strength
  • (Position Meldin Picture 8 by side somewhere)
Meldin® 7000

Geometric Stability

Meldin® 7000 Series is the latest polyimide range manufactured by ‘Saint Gobain Performance Plastics’ that offers extremely
high geometric stability at elevated temperatures. After cycling Meldin® 7000 from 22°C to 260°C over a 2 day period, tests
showed Meldin® 7000 to have less than 0.4% variation from its original dimensions.


The expanding resin production facility at manufacturer Saint Gobain Performance Plastics allows for total control of the quality and
source of the base polyimide resin. Meldin® 7000 compounds can be supplied as stock shapes, direct formed parts or finished machined components
to close tolerance dimensions.

Meldin® 7000

Longer Life at Higher Loads and Speeds

Meldin® 7000 self lubricating grades do not melt when subjected to high speed (V) and / or high load (P) applications, as compared to
more traditional thermoplastic or PTFE polymers. Meldin® 7000 self lubricating grades exhibit P x V limits in excess of 10.5 MPa x m/sec
(300,000psi x ft per min)in dry environments and over 35 Mpa x m/sec (1,000,000psi x ft per min) in grease or liquid lubricated environments.
As a comparison, typical PTFE compounds have P x V limits in the range of 0.3 Mpa x m/sec.


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