Meldin® 7000


Meldin® 7001 – Unfilled grade

Meldin® 7001 – Offers maximum mechanical properties with high chemical resistance. It is more ductile than ceramics and lighter in
weight than metal. Meldin® 7001 is a popular choice for structural parts in aerospace and other areas where metal replacement is
desirable. Meldin® 7001 is also ideal for thermal insulating and electrical applications.


Meldin® 7003 – 15% molybdenum disulphide filler

Meldin® 7003 – With the inclusion of 15% molybdenum disulphide filler, Meldin® 7003 is ideal for applications that operate in very dry
or vacuum conditions such as can be found in semiconductor or space applications.


Meldin® 7021 – Self Lubricating grade

Meldin® 7021 – 15% by weight graphite filler is mixed with the base resin. With an intermittent temperature resistance up to 482°C
and a low coefficient of friction, Meldin® 7021 provides the best all round choice for seals, high temperature bearings and other various
low- wear applications.

Meldin® 7022

Meldin® 7022 – 40% graphite filler

Meldin® 7022 – The addition of 40% graphite filler gives Meldin® 7022 additional dimensional stability and the lowest coefficient of
thermal expansion of any Meldin grade.

Meldin® 7211

Meldin® 7211 – Lowest Friction grade

Meldin® 7211 – Filled with 15% graphite and 10% PTFE, Meldin® 7211 provides the lowest coefficient of friction grade.

Product availability

Rods – Plates – Blanks and finished machined parts

DF = Direct formed blanks CM = Compression moulded sheets ISO = Isostatic moulded rod


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