Meldin® 5000

Meldin® 5000 Series Principal Features

  • Toughness and durability
  • Tight tolerance moulding
  • Complete product offering
  • Diverse applications

Meldin® 5001

The melt characteristics of Meldin® 5001 allow for fine detail, regardless of part complexity. Injection moulded Meldin® 5001 parts offer
superior strength in structural applications when electrical insulation combined with intricate part design is required.

Meldin® 5055

Self lubricating, quiet operation and resistance to most chemicals and fluids. Custom moulded Meldin® 5055 low friction, wear-resistant
bearings perform at high loads and high temperature with minimal deformation.

Meldin® 5320

Maintains high flexural, tensile and compressive properties, even at elevated temperatures. Meldin® 5320 components supply substantial strength and rigidity.

Meldin® 5330

Exhibits good wear properties and dimensional stability making Meldin® 5330 a good selection for bearing applications. Meldin® 5330 should
be specified when part requirements include structural integrity and high resistance to thermal expansion.

Meldin® 8100 & 9000 Grades Principal Features

Combines self-lubricating dry lubricants with a porous structure

Meldin® 8100 and 9000 grades were originally developed for use in the aerospace industry.

Ideal for use in gyroscopes

Meldin 1003 series

High temperature, high speed ball bearing cages in gyroscopes are one major application area. Gyroscopes have to operate with very low
friction ball bearings. Meldin® 8100 and Meldin® 9000 ball bearing cages are used because of their unique ability to combine self-lubricating
dry lubricants with a porous structure that can contain high temperature oils. These oils are impregnated into the material. These two
important features ensure that critical applications have lengthy storage periods (This is due to typical external lubricants drying out
over time) and operate over a wide temperature range.



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